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What is Karma Koin

Karma Koin is a pre-paid card developed by Nexon, the card can be redeemed across hundreds of different PC Games. Most commonly the cards are used to redeem for NX Cash to be used in games developed by Nexon, such as Maplestory. We are a partner with Nexon and were one of the first companies to offer the card in digital format.

Besides that, when purchasing the Karma Koin from our web site you will receive the code in digital format, the code can then be redeemed across various game publishers for in-game credit/virtual currencies to be spent in-game. The code will be made available to you immediately, orders are usually processed within a few minutes.

Karma Koin has developed some great tools where you can check the balance of your card and combine cards.

How to use

  1. Buy Karma Koin US at Geezie Store
  2. Check your Karma Koin remaining balance and combine balances below.
  3. Choose Karma Koin as the payment method at the online game sites that accepts Karma Koin, you may get a list of supported games here.
  4. Enter the Karma Koin card code to pay.
  5. After that, the payment is confirmed, game credits will be delivered to your account.


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